I didn't get a Zoom login? How do I attend?

You can attend all sessions through this platform. A live link will appear as soon as the sessions open. Once you click, it will take you to the appropriate zoom room. You do not need the zoom link or password. You should also have received an email on Friday, and multiple emails today with the links. Please note, you will have to enter your email and name to enter the Zoom room.

What if I want to leave and come back in?

No problem. Just click the link of the live session to enter.


Where can I get technical support?

We will have staff on hand to monitor our email, and phones (866) 219-4582 one hour prior and throughout the entire event. You can also use the chat feature to reach our staff online.

Any tips when I log on?

For the best connection, you should close any unused programs. If you are on a laptop, make sure to plug it in, Zoom take a lot of power to run. Also, try to find the best wifi signal, or better yet, be on a hard-wired computer. If you are at home and others are streaming from the internet at the same time, it could impact the quality of your signal.

I am having trouble hearing, what can I do?

Make sure to test your speakers (yep, make sure they are on!). If you are getting robotic voices or a delay, it is most likely your internet. You can always try to leave and come back into the room.


Are presentations being recorded?

Yes, we are recording all of the presentations except the introduction by Dr. Bettina Love. Recordings will be posted on this same site for access.

Are PowerPoints available?

If the presenter has granted us permission to post their presentations, they will be made available in the library with the recordings.

How do I ask questions?

Please use the Q&A feature, located at the bottom of your screen. Questions will be monitored during the event, and if time allows addressed live, or online. If you see a question has already been entered that you would also like to ask, click the thumbs up to push it up in the cue.

What is the best way to view today's virtual event?

Although we can control many things on our end, there are some items you, as the viewer can change. If you are not seeing the presenter side-by-side with the slides, we recommend changing your setting to "side-by-side" mode.

1. While viewing a shared screen click on View Options and choose Side-by-side Mode.

2. The shared screen will appear on the left and the speaker will appear on the right.

3. Hover your pointer over the boundary between the shared screen and participants' video until your pointer changes to a double arrow and you see a grey line separating both views.

4. Click and drag the separator to adjust the size of each view.

For more detailed instructions CLICK HERE.

Why can't I see the polls?

If you are viewing on a mobile phone, tablet or web version of zoom, you may not have access to all of the zoom features. If you are on your phone, make sure "pop ups" are enabled.


What CEUs do you offer?

Continuing education is not being offered at this year's Institute.